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Upcoming YEN Meetings:

May 10/18: The Career Foundation, 110 James St S, Hamilton.

The History of YEN

Happy 20th Anniversary to YEN!

YEN started in 1997, as a group for front-line employment and training staff who work with youth in Hamilton.

Over the years YEN has delivered a number of exciting initiatives and encouraged collaboration and cooperation among its member agencies. This in turn has increased the range and quality of services available to young people in employment transition.

A few of YEN’s accomplishments over the years include: Careerapalooza, Career Cruiser, and an annual networking day for staff of youth serving agencies called “YEN Connect: Navigating Services for Youth.” This event was held for four years and offered workshops and displays for front-line staff.

Re-launch of YEN site

The YEN site was re-launched in 2016 to create a one-stop shop for Hamilton and area youth who are looking for employment, training and other services.

Another great resource for youth and others in the community who are looking for educational, employment and training resources is the Workforce Information Network: