Centre français Hamilton, Settlement Program: Services to enable immigrants and refugees to integrate into Canadian society including orientation programs, language and skills training to help facilitate employment, and programs to welcome newcomers to the community.

Immigrants Working Centre (IWC): Provides support for immigrant and refugee families, as they adjust to life in Hamilton. Services are available for men and women. Childminding (Care for Newcomer Children) is available for parents accessing the services. They provide front-line services in: finding a place to live, learning English, finding employment, and assistance with various forms and applications.

YMCA of Hamilton Immigrant Settlement Services: Orientation to the city and the Canadian way of life, provides services for individuals and families, women, seniors and youth. Services include: Information, orientation and referral. Assistance with housing and life skills. Family support and crisis counselling. Help with applying for financial assistance. Assistance with government forms. Language assessment.

YMCA of Hamilton Newcomer Centre for Youth: If you are a newcomer youth between the ages of 13 and 24, you can register as an exclusive NYC member!  Not only is the NYC a fun place to integrate, but it’s also a place with a lot of information and resources specifically for you. Educational opportunities, career assistance, and information on important settlement issues such as transportation, health, housing, volunteering, and relationships, is readily available.  Two locations – Downtown Hamilton and East Stoney Creek

YWCA Settlement Services: Provides assistance towards a successful settlement and integration, by providing information about community services, schools and health care. Bridging Programs provide internationally trained individuals with the opportunity to upgrade skills, to meet employment requirements for employment.

Wesley Urban Ministries, RAP Resettlement Assistance Program: RAP provides Government Assisted Refugees with welcome upon arriving in Hamilton, support, orientation as well as temporary accommodation during their initial days in Canada.